Well my blog is a mess….

Posted: July 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

Since the place from where I used to link my pictures from  disabled third party image sharing unless you pay them monthly and since I can’t rally do that at the moment will have to put the blog in hold again. Will see how it will go and what will happen. Sorry about that.


Yogurt, tea and ice cream cones. I like the thin waffles so though maybe the ice cream cones will give me what I’m looking for but it seems not really.

Watermelon Gose Ale. Something interesting but not too sure if I enjoyed it so much that I will get more of it. Seems nice to get now and then but that is sort of all.

Purple cabbage with leftover meat and plum for dessert.

Could not resist having a half of the cookie but you know not too fond of the cookie so glad I just took half of it.

The honey and bread reminded me that song for some reason.

Some tortillas filled with leftover things form other night and coffee. My husband loves really strong black coffee.

Another ones, plums, what I can’t wait when season comes again. I love to have few here and there not too many at once.

Sometimes BBQ meat sounds good, someone made BBQ dinner and some potatoes and corn. Big slab of meat does sound good and something with simple seasoning.

Some sort of cake with strawberries and whipped cream.


Really nice ice tea.

Made my own coleslaw since seems that’s what they use usually when doing fish tacos. Used leftover fish form other night not make some fish tacos just something little different.

Coffee, milk and bread with honey. Love the golden colored honey and how it tasted I don’t really enjoy the dark and runny ones.

Breakfast cereal.

Baked fish with potatoes.

Bread with cheese, coffee and melon.

Since we have got those Brazilian cheese bread from a market I was curious and looked it up how to make it so we got the stuff to make them followed some recipe and made them. They came out quite good but a little too many since they are best when still warm out of the oven.

Mac and cheese with cucumber.