Don’t know for some reason some breakfast serial has been sounding good.

Simple leek soup with sausage.

Kombucha. Not too big fan of the GT’s kombuchas since like that one is ginger but you know ginger is the taste what it is missing to be honest and they are more sweeter side ones as well.

Coffee and some of that honey bread with butter and yes it was amazing with butter on it.

My leftover spaghetti from last night dinner and I added few slices of home made pickles as well, why not.

And for dinner had few simple tacos, just ground meat with some taco seasoning and then lettuce,cheese and tomatoes.

Oreo cookies. I had some left from making the cheesecake.

Sandwich, coffee and tapioca pudding.

So about that place. We did have a quite big party there and 1st of all I got coffee but it took forever for the coffee to show up and it didn’t come with cream at 1st even I asked for it.

At lest nice thing was that they made some dinner rolls at house. The bread was good.

And don’t get me wrong those mushrooms where good as well. Instead of using button mushrooms they used crimini mushrooms (those have more mushroom flavor).

Then sort of shared soup of the day with my husband and yes the bead dipped in the soup was really good. It was some sort of tomato soup.

I got something what was like chefs spacial or something, can’t really remember, so it was spaghetti with sausage sauce. To my surprise the sausage was really good wasn’t like fennel bomb at all. I did enjoy it a lot and it was a lot of food as well.

So husband got pizza and it was good one as well. But one thing where not so happy about was the service so he ordered a glass of beer and ya that took forever as well and then 2nd glass took even longer or even to get her attention that we wanted something was almost impossible. So in the end she didn’t give us to go box for the pizza as well. : /

Yong green coconut.

After some time of work.

Yong fresh coconut.

Cookies what I hoped would be something what you could find in Estonia but no not at all those where sort of sweet cookies with cumin on them. I was expecting salty ones. So over all I didn’t really enjoy those cookies.

Pizza and slice of Oreo cheesecake what I made.

Coffee and some sort of honey cake I think it was but it was good cake for sure.

IN-N-OUT double double with extra onions and basket of fries to share.

Sort of stuck drinking those since it came in 4 or even 6 pack. Don’t like them but I will drink them and at lest those are just slightly smaller cans as well.

Fried egg with heated up stuffed mushrooms, cucumber and fruit soup.

Something simple for dinner. Boiled potatoes some sort of cream sauce and sauerkraut.

NOMA – Brain Power    Just nice electronic music.